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Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

Memorial Day

As a Vietnam era veteran (I did not verve IN Vietnam - I was stationed in Japan for two years and then at a SAC base, Westover AFB in Massachusetts), it is always important to me to honor those who have served in the military, but today, especially those who died in service. 

When I got back from overseas, it was not a popular time for the military.  Wearing my uniform in public places, like airports or shopping malls, often brought jeers, turned backs, spitting and throwing.   I was barely in my twenties and being gone for two years was tough enough, but to feel as though I was dirty because I wore the uniform of the United States of America still carries scars.  I thought that if we ever were in another war, I would do my best to honor the young men and women of courage, who are my brothers and sisters because of our bond - not bondage - of service.  I go out of my way to stop, shake hands, explain that I am a veteran and then thank them for their service.  Often I will buy lunch or dinner.  Almost always I can see in these folks a smile - perhaps a tear - and the pride that I missed as a soldier.  I want to encourage anyone who reads this to stop a soldier and offer encouragement and prayers and support.

My favorite part of Veteran's Day and Memorial Day, is that often my sons and grandchildren call or come by and thank me for serving.  I cry, but I am proud.

Thank you God for the freedom I have in you and the freedom we ALL have as Americans.  All freedom comes from God, but He has provided a country for us that still stands for freedom today, often because of those who have stood and fought and died for it.

God bless America.  

Professor Doug Holden
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  1. Thank you, Veteran Douglas S. Holden for your service to this great republic. I tried to explain to my children how fortunate we are to live freely in this country today after the Memorial Day parade and ceremony in my small town. I explained how other children live in fear elsewhere. They just don't get it. And that is perhaps, the biggest thank you a veteran can get--children who haven't lost their innocence...God Bless you and all the Veterans who have ever served for the sake of others and God Bless the USA.

  2. You are most kind.

    Professor Holden

  3. Thank you for the M/D thoughts. Found your site courtesy of another 1st year Conncord student. Headed back to the "cat box" (as some refer the Iraq/Afghan area) for the 4th time and will be continuing my studies from there. Thankfully, the internet connectivity has improved over the years. The challenge for me is getting the nuances and so far your site seems to help me inderstand those. Now, if I could get that 2hrs of answers into a 1 hour time frame in IRAC format....

    Tom M.

  4. Thank you for your service to our country. Keep safe and let me know how I can be of service to you.

  5. Thank you for your service sir.

    God bless our Republic. Like De Tocqueville said, "America will be great as long as she is good".

    The negativity in the 60's was from the corrupted pinko youth/hippies. Like Rome, every declining Empire has its era of degradation of the youth prior to total collapse.

    A retired 0-10 once said, "All war is is two rich kings getting mad at one another and throwing their canon fodder at one another to make a buck". Civilians don't start wars governments do. Like WWI Maj. Gen. Smedley D. Butler titled his book, "War Is a Racket".

    We shouldn't be wimps at all. Like they said in WW2 if the Japs had invaded they would've found a rifle behind every blade of grass in America. We need National defense. We need our military on our borders if anywhere. Not making the Neo-Con ole boys club filthy rich in various 3rd World hell holes. With the current socialist party in power hopefully by now the American people can see that both parties are different Hegelian dialectic wings of the same pinko vulture.

    I think we delude ourselves as Americans if we don't admit we are in a Communist Country today-all 10 planks of Communism are realities of life in America today . The Commies won by deception. Will the people seek slavery or liberty at the end of the day? Time will tell.